Students stranded in Toronto after rain delays Paris trip


Twelve students and six chaperones from a private school in Harford County were at an airport in Toronto last night, awaiting word on whether they would be able to catch a flight to Paris for a planned school trip that had been sidetracked by this week's torrential rains.

The students from Harford Christian School in Darlington were set to depart Philadelphia on Tuesday afternoon for a 12-day excursion in the French city, but instead spent three hours on the airport runway because of heavy rain, said Phillip Petty, father of one of the teens on the trip.

After the delay, they landed in Chicago where, Petty said, the group was to have connected with a direct flight to Paris. But because of the delay in Philadelphia, they missed the flight and were flown to Toronto to catch a different flight to Paris - but it had only half of the 18 seats needed for the group.

Petty's daughter Amanda, an incoming senior, and the rest of the group spent Tuesday night at a Toronto hotel and last night were still awaiting a flight to Paris.

It was unclear whether that would happen, Petty said - but the group's luggage is in Paris.

"Right now they're in Toronto," Petty said. "I'm waiting to hear back from my daughter," he said, adding that she and the others didn't bring their cell phones because they would be unusable overseas.

"The group just wants to go over to Paris," he said.

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