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Roch around the clock


I'm fascinated by the number of comparisons being made between Eddie Murray's situation in Baltimore many years ago and what Miguel Tejada currently is going through. Interesting that so many of you see a link.

Which players today would compare to what the Orioles received for Murray in the Dodgers trade before the 1989 season? Who are today's Ken Howell, Brian Holton and Juan Bell? Let the insults fly.

Really want to get creative? Which pitcher, posing as Howell, would you flip to another team for the equivalent of Phil Bradley?

Former Orioles catcher Sal Fasano wasn't here long, but he'll go down as one of the all-time media favorites. Nicest guy you can ever imagine, and always willing to stick around and take questions about the starting pitcher's performance. And he was always honest. That's a nice touch.

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