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Too bad the Orioles are off today. I hate to see another opportunity for a rain delay go to waste.

Camden Yards is the only ballpark where the grounds crew is taught how to roll up the tarp and pair off the animals.

Daniel Cabrera has walked 60 batters and thrown 13 wild pitches.

Some guys would call that a career. Cabrera calls it the third inning.

I understand the frustration with his lapses in control, but that's too much talent to surrender to another team. Just ask the batters he faces.

Better to keep working with him, whether it's here or in the minors. Just don't trade him.

I still envision a rotation in the not-too-distant future that includes Cabrera, Erik Bedard, Adam Loewen and Hayden Penn.

Anyone else wondering why the Diamondbacks would eat $22 million of Russ Ortiz's contract? It was so bad, I would have sent it back to the kitchen.

Not the Diamondbacks, though. They swallowed hard after he made only six starts this year. I know some of you are wondering if Ortiz and Jason Grimsley were close in Arizona, and if the Orioles took this into account before signing him.

You hate to go there, but that's what we do nowadays. The sport leaves us no choice.

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