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Developers get whatever they want

The development and building process has not been a problem for the big developers. One developer, Mr. Edward A. St. John, just recently gave $5 million to a private school in Anne Arundel County. Imagine how much he could have given if we had changed the process to favor him even more. Sure, he gives fund-raising parties for County Executive Janet S. Owens at his company's office building, and he hires specialty zoning lawyers to nurse his projects through the system, getting special attention that further bogs down the process for the little man trying to get a deck permit.

How bogged down is the process, you ask? Well, one builder who is familiar with Anne Arundel County built a house on an island without anyone noticing. Now, the hearing officer wants to give him every exception to the regulations after the fact so the hearing officer can get on with his life. So, you see they do what they want knowing that you can ask for forgiveness after the fact. Since the big dogs have the system so bogged down with their special lawyers, and special engineering firms, and they brag about being at the special parties with the politicians, the system is already used to its fullest by the development community as it is.

Gregory Mellon Linthicum

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