'Waist Deep' is in way over its head


Maybe Rogue Pictures delayed the release of Waist Deep until the weekend after Father's Day out of respect for the holiday. It's a paean to fatherly love, and a pain to movie-lovers.

Even the movie's hook is crude: Freedomland without the twist. Thugs jack the car of single father, ex-gangbanger and ex-con O2 (Tyrese Gibson) while his son Junior (H. Hunter Hall) lies asleep in the back seat. Astoundingly, O2 has won a job as a security guard with a gun. Since he takes it out of the workplace and uses it to kill two of the carjackers, he can't go to the police. His one ally is a sassy hooker and hustler named Coco (Meagan Good). In order to get Junior back, O2 must pay a $100,000 ransom to Meat (played by hip-hop star The Game), a one-eyed monster who rules an underworld empire.

Waist Deep (Rogue Pictures) Starring Tyrese Gibson, Larenz Tate, Meagan Good. Directed by Vondie Curtis Hall. Rated R. Time 97 minutes.

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