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Parents' guide



Rating: -- PG-13

What it's about -- Overworked, stressed dad buys a remote control that makes the world stop, so he can catch up. Or fast-foward through the annoying things in life.

The Kid Attractor Factor -- Adam Sandler and his brand of slapstick comedy.

Good lessons/bad lessons -- "You're born. You live. You die." Don't let work rob you of the "you live" part.

Violence -- Slapstick punches, knees to the groin.

Language -- Vulgar enough to push the PG-13 envelope.

Sex -- Yes, simulated in silhouette, with dogs having their way with stuffed toys, too.

Drugs -- A gratuitous kiddie "crack" joke.

Parents advisory -- Parents will be taking their kids to this. But not good parents.

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