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Ex-CEO sued for $16.1 million in teenage girl's molestation


Former Integral Systems Inc. Chief Executive Officer Steven R. Chamberlain was sued yesterday for $16.1 million by the mother of the teenage girl he pleaded guilty to molesting in Columbia.

The lawsuit was filed in Howard County Circuit Court after the girl's family was disappointed by the suspended one-year prison term Chamberlain received last month after pleading guilty to a fourth-degree sex offense, said the mother's lawyer, Andrew D. Freeman.

"While her family is grateful for the prosecution in criminal court, Mr. Chamberlain got off with a slap on the wrist," Freeman said. "And we think it's important for there to be a more severe punishment as well as compensation for what my client went through."

The suit seeks damages for what it described as the "extreme mental distress, anguish, and anxiety" the girl suffered because of the molestation.

The girl and her mother now live in North Carolina. The Sun does not identify victims of sexual assault.

Chamberlain, 50, of Columbia, could not be reached to comment yesterday. He resigned in April from Integral Systems, a Lanham-based satellite system provider, where he was CEO, director and board chairman.

According to the suit, the girl met Chamberlain when she was 11 and lived near him. The girl - whose father died when she was 3 years old - "looked up to Mr. Chamberlain as a father figure," the suit states.

Chamberlain "ingratiated himself" with the girl and her mother, buying the girl gifts and encouraging her "to lie to her mother about the source of some of them," according to the suit.

From November 2003 - when the girl was 14 - to the spring of 2004, Chamberlain molested the girl four times when she was at his Columbia house, according to the suit.

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