Capital Gazette wins special Pulitzer Prize citation for coverage of newsroom shooting that killed five




Court looks at commissions

A much-awaited Supreme Court ruling could determine whether the first U.S. military commissions since World War II go forward for terror suspects held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, but it will not answer a more complicated question: what to do with potentially hundreds there who are unlikely to ever face trial. President Bush says he wants the prison closed but is awaiting a decision from the court on the validity of the commissions he ordered. pg 1a

Woman elected as bishop

Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori of Nevada was elected yesterday to be the presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church, becoming the first woman to lead any church in the global Anglican Communion. pg 2a


N. Korea may have missile

North Korea appears to have completed fueling a long-range ballistic missile, American officials said, a move that greatly increases the probability that Pyongyang will go ahead with its first important test launch in eight years. A launch would be North Korea's first flight test of a new long-range missile that might eventually have the capability to strike the United States. pg 8a

Troops close in on Ramadi

U.S. and Iraqi troops set up new positions over the weekend on the outskirts of Ramadi, a city in Anbar province that has become a haven for the Sunni Arab-led insurgency, in an effort to quash guerrillas who have largely controlled the city in recent months. The U.S. military also continued to search early today for two U.S. servicemen who were reportedly abducted by guerrillas after an attack on a checkpoint south of Baghdad. pg 8a


Fallout continues over rates

Last week's one-day special session of the General Assembly wiped out any chance that Maryland politics would take a summer vacation this year. Fallout continues from the legislature's approval of a BGE rate relief plan - Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. is weighing a possible veto of the measure, which includes replacement of the Public Service Commission - and several election deadlines are coming up soon. pg 1a

Schools replace Macs with PCs

The Baltimore County school system is replacing the Apple Macintosh computers in its graphic design and multimedia labs with PCs running Microsoft Windows software, a move criticized by some who say future graphic artists should learn using Macs. pg 1b


Segui says he used hGH legally

Former Orioles first baseman David Segui told ESPN that he is one of the players named in Jason Grimsley's affidavit on drug use in baseball and that Segui used human growth hormone obtained through a doctor's prescription. pg 1a

Ogilvy takes advantage at Open

Phil Mickelson's bid for a third consecutive major title ended when he double-bogeyed the final hole, giving the U.S. Open to Geoff Ogilvy. Colin Montgomerie also squandered a chance to win. pg 1d


Crabbers don't sail through life

Job got you down? Cowherd says to catch an episode or two of Deadliest Catch, the Discovery Channel's series about the grueling life of Alaska king-crab fishermen in the Bering Sea, and you'll never complain about your job again. pg 1c


"I have passed this many times, and one of my goals was to get out here and step on the lighthouse."

Lynn Biancavilla, a volunteer helping restore the Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse on the Chesapeake Bay

Article, PG 1B

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