Col. Mark S. Chaney


As superintendent of the Maryland Natural Resources Police, Chaney oversees 280 officers who enforce conservation and criminal laws. The Natural Resources Police is the lead search-and-rescue organization in the state and the lead maritime agency for state homeland security.

In the news

Chaney's organization coordinated an effort to recover the body of publisher Philip Merrill, who disappeared while sailing in the Chesapeake Bay on June 10.

Career highlights

Chaney served in the Air Force in Europe and Egypt for five years. He was honorably discharged from the military in 1982. He was a lieutenant colonel in the Maryland State Police and oversaw all state police barracks. He retired from that position and became superintendent of the Natural Resources Police in 2004.


Chaney, 47, was born in and raised in Baltimore. He lives in Street with his wife, Jennifer Chaney, and his three sons, Chad, 19, Clay, 17, and Cameron, 6. He graduated from the Johns Hopkins University in 2002 with a business major and, the next year, earned a master's degree in community development from the Johns Hopkins University School of Professional Studies in Business and Education.


"I believe that everyone brings a certain value to an organization. It is up to leadership to discover that value and to cultivate it and figure out where it fits into the organization's mission."

[Annie Linskey]

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