2 U.S. soldiers among dead in Afghanistan


KABUL, Afghanistan --Two American soldiers were killed Friday in Kunar province in the east by a remote-controlled bomb in a road, the U.S. military said in a statement released yesterday.

The soldiers were on patrol in Asadabad, the provincial capital, when the explosion occurred, the statement said. In southern Afghanistan, five Afghan policemen were also killed in a roadside bombing Friday.

The U.S.-led coalition in Afghanistan reported several clashes as coalition and Afghan government forces continued a broad offensive against Taliban insurgents across five southern provinces. American, Canadian, British and Afghan soldiers have fanned out over four restive provinces - Helmand, Oruzgan, Kandahar and Zabul - to hunt down Taliban fighters blamed for the surge in ambushes and bombings.

Forty people suspected of being Taliban fighters were thought to have been killed in a raid on a compound in Oruzgan province, where about 50 Taliban were tracked and seen gathering, the U.S. military said.

In another raid, by Afghan and U.S. forces, five insurgents were killed and one American soldier was wounded.

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