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Where are they now?


Lefty Driesell

Coach -- After revelations that Driesell instructed his players two hours after Bias' death not to talk to police, and that the Maryland coach tried to have Bias' room cleaned up, Driesell was forced to resign on Oct. 29, 1986. Driesell, 74, is now retired from coaching and living in Virginia Beach, Va. He reached 786 victories during stops at James Madison and Georgia State after Maryland and Davidson.

John Slaughter

Maryland chancellor -- He forced Driesell to resign and formed a task force to study the academic performance and use of drugs by athletes at the university. Slaughter, 72, retired as Occidental College president on June 30, 1999, and lives in New York, where he heads the National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering.

Arthur Marshall

Prosecutor -- Prince George's County state's attorney convened a grand jury to investigate Bias' death, and asked the jury to indict Driesell. The grand jury did not return an indictment against Driesell. Marshall, 67, has retired.

Brian Tribble

Alleged supplier -- Tribble was accused of supplying Bias with the cocaine that led to his death. Tribble, who called 911, was indicted on charges of possessing and distributing cocaine and obstructing justice. He was acquitted of the drug charges, and the obstruction charges were dropped. Tribble, 43, has spent various terms in prison for other drug charges and he is now thought to be living in the Washington area.

Oliver Purnell

assistant coach -- Was asked by Driesell to clean up Bias' room, but Purnell didn't do it. Purnell, 53, is currently the Clemson men's basketball coach.

Terry Long

Witness -- Senior Maryland basketball player who was talking to Bias when he collapsed in the suite he shared with Long and four other players. Charges of possessing cocaine and obstructing justice were filed against Long, but they were dropped in exchange for his testimony against Tribble. Long, 41, lives in Baltimore.

Dick Dull

Athletic director -- Maryland AD who resigned in September after the death of Bias. Dull attempted to act as a buffer between Driesell and Slaughter. Dull, 60, is living in Northridge, Calif. He left the Cal State-Northridge development office after a six-year stint as the school's AD.

David Gregg

Witness -- Freshman Maryland basketball player from nearby Northwestern High (Bias' alma mater) who was with Bias when he collapsed in their room. Gregg was charged with possessing cocaine and obstructing justice, but the charges were dropped in exchange for his testimony against Tribble. Gregg is now 38, and neither Northwestern High nor Maryland officials know his whereabouts.

Lonise and James Bias

Parents -- The mother and father of Len Bias have become nationally known in the aftermath of his death. Lonise, 59, has become a widely traveled lecturer, going across the country to spread the anti-drug word. She has gained acclaim for her ability to captivate audiences. James Bias drove Len home from Boston the night before his death. Four years later, another son, Jay, 20, was killed at Prince George's Plaza during a drive-by shooting. James Bias has become an advocate of gun control. He and Lonise still live in Landover.

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