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THE ISSUE: -- The county's legislative delegation is hoping to introduce a bill that would draw districts to elect five commissioners in Carroll's fall election when the General Assembly convenes this week for a special session on BGE rates. Do you think delegation members should push to get the bill approved by both houses of the legislature or should the current government structure remain intact for this year's election? (Editor's note: The special session was held last week, and the bill failed.)

County delegation should strive to get 5-district bill signed into law at session

The Carroll County Delegation should make every effort to have the will of the voters signed into law.

The people two years ago voted for change. That change has been blocked. We must seize this last opportunity to establish districts for five commissioners.

It is my hope to be one of those new commissioners. My background as an attorney and as a member of the Republican Central Committee has prepared me to lead our county.

Michael Zimmer Eldersburg

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