Capital Gazette wins special Pulitzer Prize citation for coverage of newsroom shooting that killed five

Stock market's reaction appears contrary to BGE's hand-wringing


On the very day that the legislature was poised to vote the massive rate increase down from 72 percent to 15 percent, the stock on Constellation Energy went up $1.83 per share!

Now what would that tend to tell you? After all the hand-wringing that BGE might have its credit rating reduced as a result of the reduction, the stock market had a different view.

This was after the Dow has been dropping for days, and is now at the lowest since the year started and utilities were down 2.77 for the day.

I am glad all the Anne Arundel representatives to the legislature - save one, Janet Greenip - voted for the reduction.

I thank you one and all. Many times you get too involved in a doctrinaire approach instead of common sense and/or simple justice votes.

John J. Miara Pasadena

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