Steal of the Week

Weeding Glasses

Hand-painted, with 100 percent UVA/UVB protection, SunTint Weeding Glasses are reading glasses for gardeners and others who enjoy the outdoors, says co-creator Elana Westphal of Towson. Westphal, who markets the glasses through a home-based business called Out of the Blue, calls them "sunglass readers for the over-40 crowd." You'll find Weeding Glasses at Valley View, Watson's, Kingdene and other garden centers and at selected boutiques, or at, 800-742-3377.

Price: $20-$22

Splurge of the week

Outdoor Planter Speaker

It looks like a 10-gallon clay flowerpot but wait - it's a stereo speaker. The PS6si Outdoor Planter Speaker, new from Niles Audio, is designed to hold live plants and flowers, and deliver great sound. Screens "allow for acoustic transparency and keep out bugs and debris," the maker says. Available at authorized Niles dealers or

Price: $399

Garden tip

Water early and often

Many gardeners wait until their flowers are drooping to water them. Wilting stresses plants, causing dropped flowers and discolored leaves. Also, a wilted plant becomes more susceptible to insect and disease problems. Water early in the day. You'll avoid the heat of the day and avoid evaporation. Early watering also allows plants to dry off well before nightfall, when fungal diseases take hold.

- Gardening 1-2-3, Expert Advice from The Home Depot (Meredith, $34.95)

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