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Summer of discontent for 9th year in a row

Summer is upon us, a third of the baseball season has whizzed by, and the Orioles' dwindling faithful are desperately searching for ways to avert our attention from the team's record.

We as fans have been through this drill so long now, we seem steeled by the team's performance. We keep hearing this will be "year nine" for consecutive losing seasons. It makes .500 baseball sound like horsehide nirvana. It shouldn't be like this. Mr. Angelos seems to accept this team's mediocrity as some form of overachievement.

What the owner says and what his real intentions are seem to wear thin on those who still back this team. Angelos can talk until his face turns blue about how he would like nothing more than to field a contending team, but this organization seems mired in neutral.

I ask Mr. Angelos if his interpretation of success is measured by gate receipts or pennant flags? Even with the excellent acquisitions of Kris Benson and Ramon Hernandez, this team will still have to pull a minor miracle to achieve .500 this season.

Every season, a major league team seems to emerge from the mediocrity mold - this year it's the Tigers. In seasons past it has been the Twins or the A's or the White Sox.

I try to remain patient and ask myself, "When is it going to be our turn?" While I can appreciate the on-field efforts of teams like the Tigers, I have to wonder if we will ever witness that kind of success again with "Pete the Pirate" at the rudderless helm.

Patrick R. Lynch


Angelos, Flanagan at helm of disaster

The silence from the deep bowels of the B&O; warehouse is deafening. Nearing the midway point in another of a long line of excruciatingly painful and disappointing Orioles seasons, where are the grandiose pronouncements from Peter Angelos and Mike Flanagan regarding the wonderful team they've assembled?

Apparently, only before the season do we get to hear the usual overblown hype and worthless babble from these gentlemen blathering on about how "this year is going to be different."

No matter how you cut it, while these buffoons are at the helm of this now-embarrassing franchise (forget the Oriole Way - that's ancient history), there is only one question that needs to be answered each and every year: Will the Orioles' stranglehold on fourth place continue, or will they fall to the cellar behind the woebegone Tampa Bay Devil Rays?

Morton D. Marcus


Baseball writers too easy on Angelos

Another great column by Mike Preston in The Sun last Saturday ["Offensive line looks to be shaping up well"].

My first thought is: Why does Mr. Preston seem to be relegated to writing far less than the other columnists even though his columns have more bite and significance per word than all the other writings combined, especially the writings by The Sun's merry band of baseball writers.

The baseball writers truly are a sorry lot, writing about everything and anything that is wrong with the Orioles but never mentioning Peter Angelos.

Going on nine years of the Orioles being bottom feeders and not once has any reporter dared take Angelos to task (in a meaningful and tough report, not just a sentence) for his dissolution of a once-great Orioles franchise.

Suggestion: Have Mr. Preston do a study/report on the Orioles' owner.

Joseph Michael Cierniak

Glen Burnie

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