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'Nacho Libre' wrestles with differing styles


As a romantic comedy, Nacho Libre is cute. As an introduction to Mexican wrestling (known south of the border as Lucha Libre), Nacho Libre promises more than it delivers. As a mix of the two, Nacho Libre never seems to find its footing, so uncertain are its makers of what their audience expects.

That uncertainty is understandable. Fans of star Jack Black are going to expect a gonzo romp, a no-holds-barred celebration of all things manic. Fans of writer-director Jared Hess are going to expect a reprise of his Napoleon Dynamite, with its deadpan humor and calculatedly detached point of view. Unfortunately, partisans on neither side are going to be satisfied.

Nacho Libre (Paramount Pictures) Starring Jack Black, Hector Jiminez, Ana de la Reguera. Directed by Jared Hess. Rated PG. Time 90 minutes.

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