The Monitor


What's the point? -- This online-only show is a spot-on satire of every home and personal makeover show you can think of. Two "cube fabricators" ambush an unsuspecting victim and redo his or her work cubicle in the most stereotypical way based on one of the victim's hobbies. The "Ski Bunny" episode ends with a cubicle covered with fake snow and expensive skis, and an unimpressed makeover victim. "Beach Bum" has a worker's cube transformed with a kiddie pool and Speedos.

What to look for --Check out hits against such shows as Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (with cube neighbors chanting "Move that chair!" instead of "Move that bus!"), What Not to Wear (with the hosts whispering to each other as they prepare to ambush the next person with a surprise makeover) and even Real World (with talking-head interviews intercut with other footage to reveal some latent drama with a co-worker).

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