Man sentenced for slashing dog to intimidate woman


A Pasadena man was sentenced yesterday to the maximum term in jail for slashing a dog's throat and leaving the bloody animal on the doorstep of an ex-girlfriend's mother, whom the man blamed for ending the relationship.

Robert Lee Grim, 26, said nothing as Anne Arundel County Circuit Judge Joseph P. Manck acknowledged Grim's heroin problem and expressed concern that Grim's criminal activities had "progressed" to nearly killing a dog and using it to menace his former girlfriend's mother. Manck ordered Grim jailed for three years for the attack on the dog. He placed Grim on five years' probation for drug possession and barred him from contacting his ex-girlfriend and her mother.

"Mr. Grim's revenge was a Mafia-style intimidation," Marjorie Cooke, the mother, told the judge.

Cooke returned from taking her daughter, Sue Cantu, to an airport Jan. 3, 2005, to the sight of a bloody towel and drops of blood on the front step of her Millersville home, she said. Her car tires were slashed.

Grim and a friend had taken the mixed-breed dog from the street, cut a 3 1/2 -inch gash in its neck in the parking lot of nearby Baldwin Memorial United Methodist Church and left the animal for Cooke, said Assistant State's Attorney Kim DiPietro.

But the dog crept away and was discovered by a neighbor on her stairwell. She called police, DiPietro said. The dog, Casper, who has since recovered, belonged to a Baltimore woman who had left it with her nephew in Millersville, she said.

District Public Defender David Harding said Grim had injected heroin just before attacking the dog. He said his client needed treatment for heroin addiction and a dependency on OxyContin stemming from treatment for a 1998 motorcycle accident. He said Grim had previously come to court under the influence of drugs.

Charges against a friend originally accused of being involved in the incident, George Martin Treas, were dropped in April.

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