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'Love's' labor isn't lost, it's rockin'


The Fab Four and Shakespeare's Love's Labor's Lost. You might not see an immediate connection, but director Michael Kahn does, and he makes the most of it in his 1960s update of the courtly comedy at Washington's Shakespeare Theatre.

Shakespeare's play is about three young noblemen who, with King Ferdinand of Navarre, vow to devote themselves to three years of study and forsake worldly indulgences, including the company of women. In Kahn's rendition, the three young men are members of a Beatles-like rock group. They make their entrance down one of the theater's aisles, pursued by paparazzi, and they travel to India to study with a maharishi (as the Beatles did).

If you go Love's Labor's Lost runs through July 30 at Shakespeare Theatre, 450 Seventh St. N.W., Washington. $14.25-$71.25. 202-547-1122 or shakespearetheatre.org.

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