Ambitious agenda for Assembly

The General Assembly intends to hold a brief special session this week to accomplish what it couldn't in 90 days earlier this year: Protect BGE customers from the 72 percent electric rate increase coming July 1. But lawmakers may not be able to end the confusion over electric rates, the finger-pointing over who's responsible for the increase or the jockeying for political advantage. pg 1a

Audit critical of housing agency

Baltimore's public housing authority never should have been permitted to join a program to ease controls on its spending because officials failed to hold a required public hearing, a federal oversight agency has ruled in a scathing audit. pg 1b


Abbas calls for referendum

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has set the date for a referendum asking Palestinians to support the creation of a Palestinian state alongside Israel, a vote the ruling militant Islamic group Hamas quickly rejected and urged voters to boycott. pg 18a

Lack of U.S. troops criticized

A large springtime offensive by Taliban fighters has turned into the strongest show of force by the insurgents since U.S. forces drove the Taliban from power in late 2001. Afghan and foreign officials blame a lack of U.S.-led coalition forces on the ground for the resurgence. pg 19a


Three detainees commit suicide

Three captives at the Guantanamo Bay Navy Base detention center in Cuba hanged themselves with nooses fashioned from clothing and bed sheets yesterday, the U.S. military said, becoming the first detainee deaths at the prison camp. pg 1a

New resistance from Congress

After years in which the Bush administration has steadily expanded the boundaries of executive power, some members of the Republican-led Congress - emboldened by the president's low poll numbers or worried about the relevancy of their own institution - have begun to push back. pg 3a


Rate rise puts city in top 10

When BGE's electric rate caps come off next month, Baltimore will become one of the 10 most expensive electric markets in the nation. The increase will vault Baltimore into the realm of Northeastern states, where colder winters and a lack of alternate fuel sources have pushed up prices. pg 1a


Miyazato, Hurst share lead

Ai Miyazato and Pat Hurst were tied for the lead at 7-under par after three rounds of the LPGA Championship at Bulle Rock golf course in Havre de Grace. Michelle Wie, 16, pulled within one shot of the lead with a birdie on the 18th hole. pg 1e


Showplace on the Severn

Annapolis designer Darryl Savage has transformed his home, a small 1950s rancher on the Severn River, into a combination art gallery, stage set and rustic waterside getaway. pg 1n


Top picks for shore gear

With just 10 days until the official start of summer (and only two days until the kids are out of school), we give you 10 summer gadgets to take along on your next trip to the shore. pg 1r


"I'm working-class and damn proud of that. Hons are the salt of the earth, a cohesive part of Baltimore. The dialect accentuates it."

Susan Hodges, winner of Hampden's Best Hon contest Article, PG 1B

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