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A scout's take


On Billy Rowell, 6-foot-5, 17-year-old infielder drafted ninth overall by the Orioles on Tuesday

Strengths -- When you talk about a five-tool player, you usually talk about five average tools. Billy has a chance to have plus tools all across the board. He has an above-average arm, above-average power. He is a plus runner; when he strides he gets a lot of ground. This guy could be a monster when all is said and done. He was in our mix [in the first round] had he been available.

Weaknesses -- Biggest thing for Billy is plate discipline and taking the same kind of swing no matter what pitch is thrown at him and utilizing the outer half of plate more. That means driving the pitch that way and driving it better - he's getting a little pull-happy - but that will come.

Overall -- He's kind of like a Shawn Green-body type, a left-handed hitter with a lanky frame. But his body could end up being Adam Dunn's if he really fills out. Give him every chance to play third base and if his body gets too big, he could become the prototype right fielder. Even though he possesses all the tools, he needs games under his belt. He's four or five years away [from the majors].

Note: "A scout's take" features the opinion of one major league scout on a particular player each week. A revolving roundtable of scouts is used. Because of potential tampering, the scouts will remain anonymous.

Say what?

"Oh, boy. He has a little growing up to do. ... If you want guys throwing at your head constantly, you proceed to do it that way."

New York Mets outfielder Cliff Floyd on his 21-year-old rookie teammate Lastings Milledge, who last week high-fived fans along the railing at Shea Stadium on his way to the outfield after hitting his first big-league homer the previous inning

Numbing number


The number of would-be base stealers the Cleveland Indians' Victor Martinez has thrown out in 45 attempts over the team's first 59 games this season.

What's up?

Hey Barry, got a minute?

The Arizona Diamondbacks travel to San Francisco on Tuesday for a three-game series. Here's thinking at least one enterprising reporter will try to ask the Giants' Barry Bonds about former Diamondbacks reliever Jason Grimsley. Good luck. Interleague play resumes Friday.

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