Price increases OK'd for school lunches


Increases in salaries and health insurance, fuel and milk costs will cause Howard County schoolchildren and parents to rustle up more money for lunch next school year.

The Board of Education approved Thursday a recommendation that will increase school lunches by 50 cents for secondary school students and 25 cents for elementary pupils.

The increase will make the average price of a secondary-level lunch $2.50. It will cost $2 at the elementary level.

Several board members questioned whether the increase was necessary in the wake of a 25-cent price increase for meals last year.

Mary Klatko, administrator of food and nutrition services for the school system, said another increase was necessary to absorb the latest expenses. When the board approved the 25-cent increase in May last year, Klatko said that revenue from school meals was not meeting expenditures.

Administrative officials said the increases are not linked to the March approval of a school and nutrition policy that essentially eliminates the sale of high-fat, high-sugar snacks and sodas during the school day and encourages staff to incorporate physical activity when possible into classroom instruction.

The board also approved 26 administrative transfers and promotions to will take effect July 1.

The moves will send Tina Maddox, an assistant principal at Oakland Mills High School, to become principal at Homewood Center; David Brown, an assistant principal at River Hill High, will become principal at Mount Hebron High; John Birus, the principal at Stevens Forest Elementary, will become principal at Thunder Hill Elementary; Cindy Hankin, principal at Thunder Hill, will become principal at Deep Run Elementary; and Sylvester Burke, principal at Patuxent Valley Middle, will become principal at Hammond High.

Veronica Bohn, principal at Mount Hebron, will become a principal on special assignment and will work at the central office. Marshall Peterson, principal at Homewood Center, will become a human resources specialist. Sylvia Pattillo, principal at Hammond High, is retiring after 19 years.

School officials are still trying to fill the post of principal at Patuxent Valley Middle School.

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