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Brittany Kalkstein

Roland Park

The senior midfielder was the top goal-scorer for the Reds with 34, but Kalkstein, who also had 16 assists, was even more valuable for her ability to win the draws.

Kalkstein, who is 5 feet 10 and has a long reach, excelled in sending the ball straight up where she could scoop it out of the air. That possession gave the Reds the chance to win the close games -- something they couldn't do last season when they lost eight one-goal games

In addition, Kalkstein scored some key goals, including one that beat Severn early in the season. Quick, skilled and powerful, she is headed for Virginia.


Erin Millon

Roland Park

A year ago, the Reds struggled through a 4-11 season, dropping eight one-goal games. Millon, in her first high school coaching job, turned that around.

The former World Cup player brought experience and knowledge that the Reds soaked up.

As a result, they won six one-goal games to finish 12-4, went from unranked in preseason to No. 7 and reached the Interscholastic Athletic Association of Maryland A Conference semifinals, where they lost to McDonogh in overtime.

First team

Name School Class Pos.

Cate Goytisolo Roland Park Senior Attack

Ashley Jones Seton Keough Senior Attack

Barbara Seaman Roland Park Senior Attack

Kristen Carr Mercy Senior Midfield

Miller Hughes Roland Park Junior Midfield

Tighe Hutchins Bryn Mawr Senior Midfield

Brittany Kalkstein Roland Park Senior Midfield

Brooke Matthews Friends Junior Midfield

Maria Valderas Seton Keough Senior Midfield

Cindy Kroll Bryn Mawr Junior Defense

Abbie Mitchell Roland Park Senior Defense

Blake Sheehan Bryn Mawr Senior Defense

Mallory Twist Roland Park Senior Defense

Chelsea Kirk Roland Park Senior Goal

Second team

Name School Class Pos.

Allie Emala Bryn Mawr Junior Attack

Jordy Kirr Bryn Mawr Junior Attack

Jenny Martin Seton Keough Senior Attack

Caitlin Mathers Poly Senior Attack

Lauren Wise Seton Keough Junior Attack

Sarah Carson IND Senior Midfield

Amy Jackson Mercy Junior Midfield

Julia Ruess Western Senior Midfield

Elise Victoria Poly Senior Midfield

Jackie Kearney Seton Keough Senior Defense

Sarah Palmer Friends Senior Defense

Meredith Torr Bryn Mawr Senior Defense

Jenny Wolock Roland Park Junior Defense

Amanda Rosenberg Bryn Mawr Senior Goal

Note -- Teams selected by Katherine Dunn after consultation with The Sun staff and area coaches.

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