I'm ready to get away.

Aren't you?

It appears that many of us deserve a little rest and relaxation.

We are working too hard and don't have enough time to play.

You know the cliche -- too much work makes ...

So let UniSun help you plan your time for fun and relaxation.

We've given you some things you might want to think about doing -- taking a trip to one of five destinations, going to local festivals or conferences or making new friends by joining a book club.

If you don't want to stay around the area, then get your car in road condition or make airline reservations. Contributor Ericka Blount Danois tells you about vacation getaways to Harlem, N.Y., Philadelphia, Myrtle Beach, S.C.; Savannah, Ga., and Chicago.

We chose these destinations because they offer a broad range of activities -- food festivals, music festivals, cultural and heritage tours, golfing and much more.

Locally and regionally, there's plenty to do this summer. Writer Emeri B. O'Brien gives you a list of the area's hottest events. These are can't-miss concerts, festivals and plays that will keep your calendar full.

For some of you, a getaway isn't complete without a little downtime to contemplate. Why not curl up and read a book during these times?

Our newest contributor, Philana Patterson, spoke with members of a few area book clubs to see what's on their summer lists. And these clubs aren't reading light summer books. What they have chosen is very engaging.

Summer is a time to enjoy the outdoors.

We need to refresh and rejuvenate -- mind, body and soul.

I know there are times when we'd all rather be a kid again so we can rediscover the joys of summer vacation. It would be great to have about three months off.

But the reality is we can't go back to those carefree days. However, we can find some time to be more carefree. And this is the season for it.

Play and take time to do things that give you joy, that make you laugh and that make you feel at ease.




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