TV highlights


Auto racing: Yes, it's an oxymoronic designation, but Sunday's Indianapolis 500 is an "Instant Classic," and thus gets replayed tonight at 9 on ESPN Classic.

Soccer: Alexi Lalas is the host for ABC's American Soccer's 10 Greatest Moments tomorrow at 3 p.m. (WMAR/Channel 2 and WJLA/Channel 7). And you guys in the back, stop snickering about how you didn't think they could come up with 10.

Golf: CBS presents what the network says is the first joint television interview with Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer in Jack and Arnie: Talkin' Golf on Sunday at 1:30 p.m. (WJZ/Channel 13 and WUSA/Channel 9), the first of a two-part show, hosted by Jim Nantz.

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