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The Break-Up is half of a great movie: a biting, hard-hearted look at what happens when former lovers take off the gloves and begin using each other as emotional punching bags. It gets the sense of betrayal right, the absolute fury that the pig you've been sleeping next to all this time not only doesn't understand his or her piggishness, but seems to revel in it.

But The Break-Up doesn't offer insight into how the mutual attraction between Vince Vaughn's Gary, a narcissistic, good-time-loving schlub, and Jennifer Aniston's Brooke, a cultured, meticulous, Type-A poster girl, arose in the first place. True, it's easier to accept a breakup when it's clear that the two parties are mismatched, but a better, braver film would reveal what caused the initial attraction.

The Break-Up (Universal) Starring Vince Vaughn, Jennifer Aniston. Directed by Peyton Reed. Rated PG-13. Time 105 minutes.

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