Roch around the clock


You had to love Melvin Mora tilting back his head and shouting, "Thank you, Chicago," while sitting at a table in the clubhouse after Tuesday's win. The Cubs appear to have done the Orioles a huge favor.

Maybe they still felt bad about that whole Sammy Sosa thing.

LaTroy Hawkins, sitting in the bullpen, said he didn't see Corey Patterson until his glove appeared over the fence, snatching a fly ball that would have tied the game. Everyone I talked to, players and reporters, thought it would be a routine catch near the warning track, but the ball kept carrying. No way I thought it was out when it left the bat.

I ended up being right.

According to a wire story, Roger Clemens also agreed to a $322,000 minor league contract - gas money, I suppose. His first start is expected to come with Single-A Lexington, where oldest son, Koby, plays. Clemens then would join the Astros' Double-A and Triple-A affiliates for one start each.

Clemens is quoted as saying: "I have to now take the next step and get my body ready ... get effective, win games."

Well, if it's not too much trouble.

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