A $200 brewski and other natty drinks


A couple of weeks ago, I featured some outdoor drinking spots where you can ice your glasses.

Now, it's time to pimp your cup.

Though this city is better known for Mr. Boh's famous one-eyed wink than its list of high-end beverages, it does have some swanked-out swills. Here's a sampling:

At Max's on Broadway (737 S. Broadway, 410-675-6297), you can wow your palate and lighten your wallet with a $200 bottle of Sam Adams Utopia. Billed as the world's strongest commercial beer, it's 24 percent alcohol and comes in a replica container that looks like a copper kettle. Sam Adams makes only a couple hundred of these a year, and each one holds 750 milliliters, or about three pints, said owner Ron Furman.

"It will knock you on your tail," Furman said. "It will rock your world. And the bottle's beautiful."

For another uncommon brew, ask Max's cellarman Casey Hard for some of Thomas Hardy's 1988 English-style ale. The brewery closed a few years back, which is why an eight-ounce bottle goes for $100. The alcohol content is 10 percent, and the beer itself is somewhat sweet, Hard said.

"It's like a nightcap drink," Hard said.

When you're in the mood for wine, you'll want to drop by Charleston (1000 Lancaster St., 410-332-7373) and ask for their Cossart-Gordon Bual. Folks there say it has a room-filling aroma, great personality, richness and depth. The 1908 vintage is $85 per glass.

Lime (801 E. Fort Ave., 410-685-5463), the city's greenest tequila bar, serves the Million-Dollar Margarita, made of El Tesoro Paradiso tequila, 100-year-old Grand Marnier, sour mix and (of course) lime juice. It's served in a 16-ounce glass and will run you $40.

"100 Grand Marnier is an excellent liqueur," said co-owner Brendon Smith. "The 100-year-old is really smooth."

If you want something with a little more punch, order a shot of Herradura Select, a tequila that costs $65. Sip -- don't slam -- it.

So when you're ready to kick it up a notch, go for some of these high-end beverages.

As usual, I'd like to hear about the most extravagant, wild (and expensive) drinks you've had. Send me your stories -- my e-mail's below.

Club X shuttered

Club X Ultra Lounge on Calvert Street closed -- at least temporarily -- several weeks ago. Owners were unable to be reached for comment.


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