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Roch around the clock


Hello again everyone. I just returned from the grand opening of Matthew LeCroy's new convenience store in D.C. I stopped by and stole a bag of chips off him.

Did you see where the Astros swiped seven bases off LeCroy, who was pressed into catching duty with the Nationals on Thursday because of injuries to Brian Schneider and Wiki Gonzalez? LeCroy also had two throwing errors before manager Frank Robinson removed him in the seventh inning, with the Astros still batting.

It looks like Robinson took it much harder than LeCroy. He was fighting back tears after the game, worried that fans would think he humiliated his player. LeCroy probably was relieved.

Catcher Michael Barrett received a 10-game suspension yesterday for punching White Sox catcher A.J. Pierzynski during an altercation at home plate.

In a related story, every player in the majors has offered to pay Barrett's fine.

Pierzynski is one of the least popular players in baseball, but he has a World Series ring. How many of us can say the same thing? I know many of you are curious about the gesture that you've seen from some Orioles, where they reach a hand into the air and make a dunking motion. It usually occurs after someone makes a nice play in the field.

I'm told it's supposed to signify a player taking away a hit from the batter, snatching it from them. You might have seen Corey Patterson do it after he made a running, over-the-shoulder catch in center field to end Thursday's game. I've seen Miguel Tejada do it many times after a teammate makes a sensational play.

Where do these guys come up with this stuff? Someone probably stole it from LeCroy.

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