Sun takes top honor in press competition

The Sun was named Newspaper of the Year for work published in 2005 at the Maryland-Delaware-D.C. Press Association luncheon yesterday and earned more awards than any other paper.

In the category of largest daily papers, those with circulations of more than 75,000, The Sun took 15 first-place awards in the contest's 35 categories, as well as nine second-place awards. The Washington Post collected nine of the first prizes and four of the second; The News Journal of Wilmington, Del., garnered eight firsts and 12 runners-up; and The Washington Times won four firsts and 10 of the second best.


Awards were also given to smaller newspapers, from dailies with circulations of under 30,000 to 75,000 all the way to weeklies of 10,000 or less.

Of The Sun's 15 first-place awards, nine were declared Best in Show, meaning the judges considered them superior to the first-place winners in all categories.


"You don't do journalism to win awards," The Sun's editor, Timothy A. Franklin, said at the event's conclusion in an Annapolis hotel, "but it is great recognition of the staff and the work they did last year. The most important thing we do is serve readers, and, competing against other newspapers in the region, to be recognized as newspaper of the year is a great honor."

The awards were presented during a luncheon at the culmination of the MDDC's two-day annual conference, which included a Maryland gubernatorial candidates' forum.

The Sun's first-place winners were:

Editorial Writing: Marjorie Valbrun, for "Frozen Out."

Continuing Coverage (and Best in Show): Rona Kobell, Chris Guy and Gwyneth Shaw, "The Pilgrims of Palomas."

Feature Story: Abigail Tucker, "A Grandpa's Bond Unbroken in Death."

State Government (and Best in Show): John O'Donnell and Jonathan Rockoff, "A Failure to Protect."

General News Photo: Amy Davis, "Inaugural Protest."


Spot News Photo (and Best in Show): Amy Davis, "Getting Buffaloed."

Photo Series: Chiaki Kawajiri, "Buddhist Summer Camp."

Sports Photo (and Best in Show): Gene Sweeney Jr., "Triple Header."

Sports Story: Jeff Barker, "Taking it to his Grave."

Sports Column (and Best in Show): Rick Maese, "NFL Neglect of Mackey Belongs in Hall of Shame."

Editorial Cartoon (and Best in Show): Kevin "Kal" Kallaugher, "Hey Lady!!"


Business/Economic (and Best in Show): Jamie Smith Hopkins, "Real Estate's Rising Tide."

Environment (and Best in Show): Tom Pelton, "MDE, Industry Blocked a Bill."

Special Section: News Staff, "The Life of Pope John Paul II."

Page 1 Design (and Best in Show): Anthony Conroy, "I Swear it was the Devil."