other notable deaths


Eugene Landy, 71, the psychologist who gained notoriety for his controversial treatment of and control over Beach Boys legend Brian Wilson, died March 22 of respiratory complications from lung cancer in Honolulu, said his a colleague, William Flaxman.

Dr. Landy pioneered what he called "24-hour therapy," in which he worked with patients for long, uninterrupted periods. His clientele included rock musician Alice Cooper and actors Richard Harris and Rod Steiger.

Mr. Wilson's wife hired Dr. Landy in 1975 when the musician had withdrawn socially to an alarming degree. Dr. Landy took control of Mr. Wilson's life, monitoring him to keep him away from drugs and junk food.

The California Board of Medical Quality Assurance later accused Dr. Landy of "grossly negligent conduct," alleging that his business dealings with Mr. Wilson had caused the singer "severe emotional damage."

Dr. Landy denied the charges, and Mr. Wilson defended him. In 1989, Dr. Landy admitted to a charge of unlawfully prescribing drugs and surrendered his license to practice psychology in California for at least two years.

Leslie MacMitchell, 85, one of the nation's top runners before World War II and a peerless competitive track athlete in high school and college, died March 21 in San Jose, Calif. He was the first college undergraduate to win the Sullivan Award as the nation's outstanding amateur athlete.

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