Winkler, fond of his alter ego Fonz, is now 'Out of Practice'


FORT WORTH / / Hanging on an office wall at KTVT is a portrait of Michael Richards as Kramer, the hipster-doofus character the actor played on Seinfeld. Sitting in front of this portrait on a recent morning is Henry Winkler, who played 1950s hipster Fonzie on the classic sitcom Happy Days, a TV icon underneath a TV icon.

As he chats, Winkler -- who now stars on the CBS sitcom Out of Practice -- could hardly seem less Fonz-like. It's not just that he's a handsome 60 now, or that he's traded in T-shirts and leather jackets for a sport coat, purple shirt and yellow tie.

OUT OF PRACTICE / / Wednesdays at 8 p.m. / / CBS

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