Toney promoter protests to WBC, wants rematch


The promoter for heavyweight boxer James Toney said Thursday that he has filed a written protest with the World Boxing Council in an effort to gain a rematch with world champion Hasim Rahman, whom he accused of landing illegal punches during a 12-round draw last Saturday in Atlantic City, N.J.

The result allowed Rahman to retain the WBC belt he inherited last fall.

Dan Goossen said replays show Rahman landed more than 200 illegal blows, primarily to Toney's left kidney area. According to statistics from the fight, Rahman threw 300 more punches than Toney, but landed only 16 more.

Goossen said the kidney shots took a toll on Toney, 37, who has since been found to have "inflammation and traumatization" to the left kidney. Goossen also said he believes many of the blows were scored as legal punches, enabling Rahman to win enough rounds to retain the title.

"The doctors have told me it was astonishing that he was able to go 12 rounds with the exorbitant amount of shots to the kidneys," Goossen said. "What do the refs say before every fight? 'No hitting below the belt, no rabbit punches and no kidney punches.' "

Rahman, 33, was warned in the 10th round by referee Eddie Cotton for punching Toney in the lower back while in a clinch. Bob Arum, Rahman's promoter, said any protest should have been lodged during the fight.

"After a football game is played, you don't argue that someone stepped out of bounds," Arum said. "The game is over; it's finished."

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