Terps did little well, didn't deserve a bid

Clearly some Maryland basketball players were living in a fantasy world if they thought they had even a remote chance of making the NCAA tournament.

This season's Terps, particularly after losing Chris McCray, were mediocre at best. Their defense was subpar. They did not rebound well. They were a step slower than most of their opponents. They could not take care of the basketball. They did not have a point guard who could make things happen on offense. Execution was haphazard.

However, the Terps' biggest liability was their pitiful outside shooting. They were no threat from the three-point line and were not much better from mid-range. This allowed teams to clog the inside and take away that aspect of their moribund offense.

Gary Williams can take some blame for the Terps' woes - his offense (particularly against a zone) does not appear to be very effective - but he did not have a whole lot to work with this season. Given the tough competition that the Terps play, they must bring a complete game to each and every contest. That was not there this season.

Dennis Sirman

Long Neck, Del.

Whining by Terps makes no sense

Gary Williams zealously defended his program from naysayers who annually criticized the Terps for falling short in the NCAA tournament. Just a few short years after winning an NCAA championship, the paranoia is back. Big time!

Williams is having trouble dealing with the embarrassment of a so-called top recruiting class that produced more negative headlines off the court than positive news on the court.

Now, he's fighting back again as he blames the selection committee for illogically shunning the Terps. Get a life, Gary!

Maryland was not nearly good enough for the NCAA tournament. All the posturing and whining by Williams and his players can't undo a resume that is sorely lacking in big wins and solid play.

Morton D. Marcus


Why reward J. Lewis for bad behavior?

I thought April Fools' Day had come early when I picked up The Sun on Tuesday. The headline announcing Jamal Lewis had been re-signed had to be a joke, didn't it?

First, he's sent to prison for brokering a cocaine deal, then he spends the season alternating between tap-dancing behind the line every time he's handed the ball and pouting because he isn't getting more money.

What's next? Will the front office and the players line up outside before the games and spit on the fans as they enter the stadium?

I've got a motto for this organization: The Future Is The Past.

Joe Roman


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