GOP had a role in voting changes

I see in your Feb. 19 edition that my counterpart from the local GOP (the Growth Over Planning party) is bemoaning the General Assembly's actions to improve voting in Maryland. The funny thing about his most recent attempt to mislead voters is that he gives all the "credit" for the recent changes in our outdated voting laws to the Democrats in Annapolis. Again, he is flat out wrong.

The facts are that even the Republican Delegates from Harford County voted in favor of HB-622-2005 (March 26, 2005) and SB-287-2005 (April 4, 2005) and GOP House Delegation Chairman Barry Glassman had the courage to vote for the veto override of HB-622-2005 on January 17, 2006.

Other local Republicans buckled under party pressure and flip-flopped on measures they supported only months earlier. The local GOP Chair's obsession with this issue is bizarre, since he ends up accusing leaders of his own party of supporting voting fraud.

Instead, he should try to explain why many local GOP elected officials say one thing and vote another. Exhibit 1 is the disgraceful backroom vote-trading by the GOP-controlled County Council during the recent debacle of comprehensive re-zoning.

Finally, the GOP Chair quotes a national publication regarding the stature of our General Assembly. Perhaps more relevant is the Jan. 17 article in the Gazette Newspapers that ranked all members of the Legislature and found three Harford County GOP lawmakers among the absolute worst in the Maryland General Assembly. Two of our delegates are in the bottom three out of 141.

Can there be any question that we need to elect real leaders in Harford County to bring some level of accountability?

Mike Comeau

The writer is chairman of the Harford County Democratic Central Committee

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