Capital Gazette wins special Pulitzer Prize citation for coverage of newsroom shooting that killed five

The press for pretty pictures


Amid the glitz and glamour of famous designers, gorgeous clothes, international models and celebrities at this month's Fashion Week in New York City, there was a whole other scene - the chaotic "mosh pit" from which photographers aim their cameras at the models.

We sat, knelt, scrunched or stood, crammed like sardines in a can, to find interesting angles on models sashaying down the runway. Pushing, shouting and general rudeness were part of the routine for every show I attended. Out of roughly 200 local, national and international photographers, there were a few kind souls who helped show me, a newcomer, the ropes.

Before I left for New York, other photographers warned me to sharpen my elbows and not to let the foreign press push me around. I thought they were exaggerating.

The reality turned out to be worse than advertised, as I found myself incrementally nudged off a camera box while waiting for a show to start. At the same event, a New York newspaper photographer more than twice my size threatened to make me move from a spot that he claimed was his. In the end, the easiest part was pointing the lens and capturing the beauty.

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