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Meissner holds title in classy costuming


So she flubbed her first triple flip, and her triple Lutz - according to NBC Web site commentators - suffered from "an awkward, tilted landing."

But there was nothing awkward about Kimmie Meissner's outfit during yesterday's free skate, where she placed sixth. The 16- year-old from Bel Air was an ice siren in a red dress with plunging neckline. The slinky ensemble was suspended by sparkly gold straps so thin that you worried they might snap - that is, if you didn't know about the nude mesh that holds these outfits together.

Much of this mesh was massed around Meissner's slender middle, which seemed to be covered only by a glittering network of beads. The bare midriff lent the outfit a gypsy sexiness.

Even before her final skate, Project Runway's Tim Gunn - having seen her flirty black short program ensemble - declared her the sport's fashion queen on the NBC Web site.

Abigail Tucker

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