Letters to the Editor


Sigaty's decision is disappointing

I was disappointed to learn that Mary Kay Sigaty is running for County Council next year. I was impressed by Ms. Sigaty's positions and insight on education issues when she ran for the Board of Education last year. I voted for her in that election, hoping that she would be an advocate for what is best for our children.

When she asked for our votes last year, she made a commitment to serve this county in the position to which we elected her. Now, just one year into her four-year term, she appears willing to abandon that commitment to seek another office. It seems her true focus is on seeking greater political power for herself rather than actually serving the public as the advocate for education I had hoped she would be. It saddens me to see a leader of our school system setting such a poor example for our children.

Nadine Klatt


A perception of slanted reporting

I am concerned about what I perceive to be slanted reporting about the Howard County political scene. An event I attended and later read about prompts my letter.

In over 30 years of participation in Howard County electoral politics, I have never seen a better organized event or a more enthusiastic crowd (described as boisterous in one article) than I observed at the kick-off for Ken Ulman's county executive campaign.

I thought the number of attendees filling the auditorium at Slayton House might have been noteworthy. If there was an article featuring this event and describing the speeches of Congressman Elijah Cummings, Del. Elizabeth Bobo, and County Executive Jim Robey, as well as several community leaders, I missed it. Where I did see it [in the Howard edition of The Sun] was in a couple of paragraphs on an inside page at the very end of an article about Police Chief [Wayne] Livesay thinking about possibly running for County Council. There was no photo of the diverse crowd -- all ages and races -- and no description of the excitement and energy of the attendees beyond the very loaded word "boisterous."

Readers who did not attend the event have no way of knowing about it (unless they made it to the end of your article about something else).

Your editorial decision that Chief Livesay's contemplations are more newsworthy than hundreds of supporters gathering on a beautiful Saturday to kick off Ken Ulman's campaign raises questions for me about your impartiality. So I'm wondering whether your decision reflects an early endorsement on your part.

Susan G. Jacobson


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