Recruiting failure spurs Terps' downfall

As the embarrassing losses keep piling up for the Maryland Terrapins, why should anyone be surprised? This group represents in major part the same bunch of no-talent losers from the 2005 edition - a team that for the past two years has been unable to defend, is reckless with the ball and is incredibly stupid.

Yet, these were the best players that Gary Williams was able to recruit after winning a coveted national championship. How sad is that!

It is absolutely bewildering how the respected coach of a recent NCAA champion has been unable to attract to College Park even a few of the best players in the country. Is it the constant screaming, cursing and haranguing of players during a game?

Or could it possibly be that players have shown little tendency to improve in their play once they get to Maryland? We'd like some answers.

Morton D. Marcus


O's don't need excuse for failing to improve

In his column yesterday ["Not throwing caution to wind was O's best offseason pitch"], Dan Connolly offers another alibi to Orioles management for its failure to improve during the offseason by saying "The Orioles were understandably prudent ..."

Peter Angelos can come up with his own excuses and continue to say, "Next year will be different." He doesn't need Connolly's help.

I've just one thing to say: "Prudent" doesn't win pennants! Just look at the past several years.

Ron Parsons


Maese is off base about figure skating

Sun columnist Rick Maese went over the top by describing figure skating as a "beauty contest with an athletic component" ["Weir as colorful as his costumes," Tuesday].

Two Chinese pairs skaters demonstrated just how athletic you have to be to compete, one overcoming a horrendous and crippling fall to win silver and the other skating only six months after a torn Achilles' tendon to capture the bronze.

The sparkles don't distract from, but only enhance, what is an extraordinarily difficult and hopefully beautiful sport.

Sarah King Scott


Ravens should let go of ungrateful R. Lewis

According to Mike Preston's column in The Sun last Saturday, it seems that Ray Lewis wants out of Baltimore.

What an insult.

If my memory serves me, it was the Ravens and then-owner Art Modell that backed Lewis during his murder trial in 2000.

The Ravens and their fans stuck by him through the ordeal. The Ravens rewarded him after that with a lucrative contract. Now he is unhappy with it when he is making $5.5 million a year?

Lewis is on the downside of his career. I agree with Preston that the Ravens should take the best they can get for him and let him go. An ingrate such as Lewis does not deserve a spot on the Ravens' roster.

Phil Bauer

Bel Air

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