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Finney justice


There's justice. There's frontier justice. And now there's Finney justice.

The last is named after Jervis S. Finney, who has launched a one-man crusade against Stephen P. Amos. A former director of Parris N. Glendening's crime control office, Mr. Amos has been vindicated by, among others, an acting U.S. attorney who dropped an investigation against him more than a year ago.

It was bad enough that Mr. Finney's vendetta has since prevented Mr. Amos from being reimbursed for $200,000 in legal costs - a standard practice in such cases. But now Mr. Finney, apparently eager to expand upon his duties as Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr.'s legal counsel, has decided to conduct his own probe into allegations that Mr. Amos had misspent state funds.

Perhaps Mr. Finney believes that the federal government lacks his unique investigative talents - but it's far more likely that this is a bad case of partisan sour grapes. Has Mr. Finney nothing better to do on government time?

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