THE ISSUE: -- Sure, we had a balmy January, but don't you miss the snow? Be honest. Aren't you tired of wearing a light coat? Don't you want to be knee-deep in powder this month?

The wonder of snow: Just bring it on

Snow (big snow) creates a sense of wonder and longing for more simple times. Not milk, bread and toilet paper that the media has made of the crystalline miracles that fall from the sky. Peace and quiet on a country lane. Tracking footprints of creatures never seen. The sound of laughter as the drivers of sleds careen down any hill of substance. A reason to drink hot chocolate and let the world stop spinning so fast. Fresh crisp air and the quiet that accompanies a big snowfall. Bring it on. We have plenty of time for warmer days.

Scott Buswell

Ellicott City

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State and county officials are working to find ways to preserve 892 acres of Doughoregan Manor, the three-century-old estate and mansion of Charles Carroll of Carrollton, a signer of the Declaration of Independence. Solutions could involve millions in public funds to acquire development rights and allow the Carroll family to renovate and repair the buildings while guarding their privacy. Or the family could develop the land. Do you think the public should have any access to this historic farm and manor house if public funds are used to help preserve the family's estate?


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