Letter to the Editor


Support for luxury units belies words

I reside in the Eastport section of Annapolis and was struck by the article in The Sun [Feb. 6] about the Touchstone Project and Mayor Ellen Moyer's expressed concern for diversity within our greater community - she says she fears we are becoming too much of the haves versus have-nots. I share in that concern.

But the mayor's expression of concern seems very much at odds with her support of the "Park Place" (luxury, what else?) residential/office development that is about to rise along West Street. The recent advertisements for this project are clearly targeted at the more affluent - e.g., they reference only "one half million" to "one and one half million" dollar units.

This "exclusive" development will be situated right next to an area of homes where some of Annapolis' poorest reside. It seems to me that this will only add to the disparity, not diversity, of life in Annapolis.

I wonder if Mayor Moyer's concern will cause her to intervene and ask that these residents, at least, be granted health club/pool privileges at Park Place.

Peter M. Seremet Annapolis

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