School district lines are unfairly drawn

I am writing you in response to the latest decision to exclude the Hooker's Mill Corridor from the new Patterson Mill Middle and High Schools district.

Approximately two and a half years ago, my wife and I moved from Federal Hill [in Baltimore] to our current address in hopes that we would be moving to a forwardly advancing community.

Well, here we are, beginning our family and are unable to utilize our town's new facilities, let alone be able to send our future children to a state-of-the-art educational establishment.

In addition, we feel it to be completely unfair to the children who will be separated from their friends and ultimately miss out on the new technologies that these schools will have to offer.

There is no reason whatsoever not to include the Hooker's Mill Corridor other than your politics.

To be quite frank, we are extremely unpleased with this decision. If decisions like this continue to be made, then my family and our tax dollars and I will have to consider other areas to call home.


Todd and Jennifer Vizcarrondo Abingdon

Don't forget folks who already live here

It seems that Harford County will be putting out the welcome mat for BRAC, but I hope the current residents are not forgotten. In the last year, we have learned that the state is overriding the county and has placed the reopening of Spencer landfill back on the table.

Then we learn that the school redistricting plan continues to divide our community by sending most of the William S. James Elementary students to the new Patterson Mill Middle and High Schools, but still sends a small set of students to Edgewood Middle and High Schools.

The county and state seem intent on making the county welcoming for developers and newcomers at the expense of the current taxpaying population. If this pattern continues, I have one nice single family home I will be more than willing to sell to the newcomers.

Sharon Bloss Abingdon

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