Capital Gazette wins special Pulitzer Prize citation for coverage of newsroom shooting that killed five

Roch around the clock


A few of you figured out that Montreal's Charlie Lea had the shortest surname among pitchers who threw no-hitters. In recognition of Black History Month, here's another one: Who was the first African-American pitcher in both leagues to win a World Series game?

I love fans who wax nostalgic about Memorial Stadium, though I wish they'd offer to wax my car instead. I feel like I grew up in that place. Maybe it's because I aged considerably while waiting in those long lines to use the bathroom. Hopefully, none of you were foolish enough to drink from the water fountains. Memorial Stadium offered flavored water long before it became popular. Unfortunately, the flavor was rust.

I can relate to one reader's memories of the horrendous parking situation, though I guess that was part of the charm. They used to just line up the vehicles bumper to bumper, and you'd have to wait for the people in front or behind you to pull out before you could leave. Every time my father noticed a drunk being led out of the stadium by police, he'd joke that it probably was the guy whose car was blocking ours. We finally got wise and found a spot in the neighborhood, leaving us with a 15-minute walk that was totally worth it. We'd cut through a small alley where the same huge dog chained in a backyard would stare us down. Just to be safe, I always carried a raw steak with me, in case of emergencies.

I returned to the stadium while covering the Canadian Football League team that had no name, because the NFL wouldn't let it use Colts, and when Double-A Bowie played there, with Don Buford managing. I love Camden Yards from a working standpoint, but I do miss the old place.

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