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NFL officiating needs major improvement

It's very interesting that I don't hear Joey Porter and the rest of the Pittsburgh Steelers complaining about the officiating during Sunday's Super Bowl. After all the complaining in the aftermath of beating the Colts in the AFC divisional playoff game three weeks ago, I thought they were all about fairness in getting the calls correct.

The Super Bowl made it painfully clear that the NFL has got to do something about the officiating.

From a couple of phantom holding calls that killed Seahawks drives, to a questionable offensive pass-interference call in the end zone, to the Ben Roethlisberger "touchdown" call at the goal line, to the 15-yard low-block penalty on Matt Hasselbeck when he was trying to tackle the man with the ball, it was very interesting that every bad call went against the Seahawks.

The officials even tried to give Pittsburgh the ball when Hasselbeck was clearly down by contact and the ground had caused him to fumble the ball. That one got reversed, but the Seahawks had to challenge the call and gamble with one of their timeouts to get it reversed.

There's simply no excuse for such poor officiating in the Super Bowl. If these officials are the best of the crop, the NFL needs to replace the entire lot of them.

Ed Doheny

Bel Air

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