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Exercise and meditate in yoga, tai chi classes


Whether you're looking for a new way to exercise or a way to relax after a long day, yoga or tai chi could be right for you. These Hindu and Chinese practices are timeless in Asian countries and were introduced to the United States in the late 1800s.

Yoga and tai chi stress the importance of control over both mind and body, but they can also be a source of exercise. If you are unsure whether yoga or tai chi is right for you, take a drop-in class, which most yoga and tai chi centers offer. If you decide to continue with the exercises, you can sign up for longer sessions. Here are some centers to check out:

New Circle School of Tai Chi Chuan

9511 Oakbranch Way, Perry Hall

Information --At this "mobile" school (it meets at several different locations), participants learn the basic principals of tai chi, breathing exercises, meditation and more, and can continue to more advanced lessons.

Cost --Fees vary, depending on the session and skill level

Contact --410-382-2611 or

Types of yoga


the unitive discipline of the eight limbs of yoga (restraint, discipline, posture, breath control, retraction of the senses, fixation of attention, devotion and fully integrated consciousness)


"nonviolent" yoga that brings the mind, body, emotions, thoughts and spirit into balance


works to align the body through breathing, meditation and relaxation


awakens creativity within through breathing, stretching and movement to reach a higher level of consciousness

Traditional Hatha:

posture and breathing advance the soul and control the mind

Vinyasa flow style:

synchronized energetic stretches (advanced)

Bikram yoga:

performed in a heated room to reduce tension in muscles and tendons; improves flexibility and reduces stress


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