Capital Gazette wins special Pulitzer Prize citation for coverage of newsroom shooting that killed five

'Final Destination 3' rolls out more ways to meet death


Who knew Death was a Rube Goldberg fan?

Final Destination 3 continues the movie franchise in which some teenager and a group of his or her friends somehow cheat death, only to discover soon thereafter that the Grim Reaper doesn't like taking no for an answer. In the first film, a bunch of teens stepped off a doomed airplane at the last moment before takeoff. In the second, a teenage girl blocked access to an interstate highway, preventing a group of drivers from being obliterated in a massive traffic accident. In 3, it's a roller coaster that turns out to be the killing force.

Final Destination 3 (New Line Cinema) Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Ryan Merriman. Co-written and directed by James Wong. Rated R. Time 90 minutes.

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