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While Joe Montana is being bashed in the media for skipping the Super Bowl MVP ceremony, nobody seems particularly upset over former Miami Dolphins safety Jake Scott being a no-show. It was first reported that Scott, who had two interceptions in Miami's 14-7 win over the Washington Redskins in January 1973, was vacationing in Australia. Not true, according to South Florida Sun-Sentinel columnist David Hyde. Scott's mother spilled the beans, saying Jake was home in Hawaii watching the game with about 30 friends. Scott rarely attends football-related events. Maybe it's just as well. Tackle Manny Fernandez deserved the MVP trophy that year after making 17 tackles.

Yesterday, I wrote about former Orioles outfielder B.J. Surhoff visiting a club employee who recently was diagnosed with cancer. I asked, "How many players would do this?" Well, here's one: While in town for FanFest, Brian Roberts spent a few hours with her in the hospital shortly after she was diagnosed.

And finally: John Lowenstein ranks among my favorite Orioles, and favorite commentators. Too bad he's no longer doing games on cable. It was always a treat. I came across this old quote from him, when someone asked how he stayed ready while sitting on the bench as the designated hitter.

"I flush the john between innings to keep my wrists strong."

They just don't make them like Brother Lo anymore.

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