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How your lawmakers voted


Justice Samuel Alito

The Senate confirmed, 58-42, the nomination of Samuel A. Alito, Jr., 55, a federal appeals judge, as the 110th justice of the Supreme Court. He was supported by all but one Republican senator and opposed by all but four Democratic senators. A yes vote was to confirm Alito.

$70 billion tax cuts

Senators passed, 66-31, a bill to cut personal and business taxes by $70 billion over the next fiveyears, more than offsetting $34.9 billion in spending curbs now moving through Congress on a parallel track. A yes vote backed the bill.

Veterans vs. tax cuts

Voting 44-53, Senators defeated a Democratic amendment to scale back capital gains and dividends tax relief by $18 billion and allocate the savings to medical care for veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan. A yes vote backed the amendment above.

Katrina commission

Senators rejected, 44-53, a Democratic amendment to establish an independent commission, similar to the 9/11 Commission, to probe federal, state and local preparation for and response to Hurricane Katrina. A yes vote backed the amendment.

Deficit reduction

Voting 216-214, House members sent President Bush the conference report on a GOP bill to slow spending growth by $39.4 billion over five years, mainly by curbing entitlement programs such as student loans, Medicare and Medicaid. A yes vote was to pass the bill.


The House voted, 379-50, to deny access to the House floor and gymnasium to ex-members who have become registered lobbyists, as well as by lobbyist-spouses of current members. A yes vote was to add the prohibition to House rules.

Key votes ahead



This week, the Senate will take up a bill concerning lawsuits based on asbestos exposure. The House's legislative schedule was to be announced later in the week.

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