Ads are hardly a plus


As the Super Bowl game itself got off to a slow start, so did the commercials. A viewer kept waiting for both to pick up steam.

At least the game did.

As for the ads, there were a few sparks here and there, but nothing particularly memorable.

The wittiest spots came from Diet Pepsi. Jay Mohr, his smarmiest look in place, played the soft drink's agent, making a deal for the soda can to record a big hit for Diddy and to star in an action picture with Jackie Chan. Yes, I chuckled at the scene where Diet Coke serves as Diet Pepsi's stunt double and gets creamed. (Cream soda?)

You can't go wrong with Leonard Nimoy. Alleve used him to good effect, needing its product so he could give the Vulcan "live long and prosper" hand sign to a Trekkies gathering.

Maybe the new Mission Impossible movie will be a big hit, but when I saw the trailer, all I could think of was that the seething look on Tom Cruise's face was the same one he gave Matt Lauer on The Today Show.

Kudos to Burger King for bringing back Busby Berkeley with dancing hamburger elements in its "Whopperettes" ad.

On the other hand, Federal Express wasted the high production values of its caveman/dinosaurs spot that, like the pterodactyl in the commercial, didn't really go anywhere.

The most un-Super-Bowl-like commercial was Dove's message of self-esteem for young girls. It was a sensitive piece with an important message about standards of feminine beauty. At least it didn't run close to the spot with the busty babe popping a spaghetti strap.

As for more girl power, a young woman in an Amber Bock beer ad got revenge on the guy who tackled her a bit too hard during a football game by knocking him off his bar stool with what could be considered an out-of-bounds hit.

Budweiser provided the biggest "aww, isn't that sweet?" moment. Little kid Clydesdale wants to be like mom and dad and pull the beer wagon. The youngster gets in a harness and, with his parents pushing from behind without his knowledge, moves the wagon.

Did you feel like you'd seen an entire episode of Grey's Anatomy by the time the game was in the third quarter?

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